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Posted by DaneGuillory88 | | Friday 2 October 2009 9:35 am

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The SuperSpindle Strategy

If you wanted to create a ranking for your pages, make use of the SuperSpindle Strategy. It is based around using social media markting to promote your content.

Remember that social media marketing has NOTHING to do with networking (ie. making friends and setting up deals). It is all about increasing the visibility and awareness of your content by using social channels and nothing more.

Download the SuperSpindle strategy here, courtesy of Social Media Marketing. A complete description of the stategy can be found at

Keyword Crash Course

To rank high on the search engines, you need to have great keywords. This ebook written by Courtney Tuttle, a highly respected internet marketer, explains everything there is to know about keywords, and getting higher rankings for your keywords on Google. Download your copy of this excellent ebook now!

Ranking in Google

The lifeblood of very internet marketing campaign is TRAFFIC, and preferably ORGANIC traffic.  While Pay-Per-Click and other paid traffic generation methods have their merits, the very best way to assure constant quality traffic is to rank Number 1 on Google for your search terms.   Below you can download a step-by-step guide to generating organic traffic using free methods; the advantage of generating traffic the labour-intensive way (and be assured, this process is neither quick nor “easy”), is that it keeps on sending you traffic long after the sweat and tears are forgotten.  You will realise as you start reading the Google Rank Guide why 98% of internet marketers make NO MONEY;  they make no money because they are NOT PREPARED TO DO THE WORK.  Marketing on the internet is in no way a push-button exercise; it takes dedication, commitment, time and above all, patience.  There are marketers who advertise that they “Make $47 000.00 in 37 days”, and generally they can prove that they did, but they fail to tell you about the years of hard work (and failure after failure) that preceded those 37 days!

If you are prepared to do the work, the Google Rank Guide is a solid foundation from which to work, allowing you to manage the long-term traffic generation principles in achieveable parts.

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