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Given the current global economic downturn, more and more people are forced to look to additional sources of income in order to maintain their current lifestyle. This is especially true in South Africa, with escalating unemployment as businesses are forced to downsize and concurrently keep up with equity legislation, soaring food prices, inflation above the world average, and an unfavourable exchange rate.

As South Africans, we are however also in the unique position to earn large rand-value incomes by harnessing the power of the current “negative” international exchange rate. All that is necessary is an opportunity to earn foreign currency while living in South Africa.

In general, the internet has been proven to be a viable vehicle to generate additional income, and for many E-entrepreneurs, have been the method by which they have become financially independent. For South Africans, it offers the easiest method by which to earn US Dollars without having to leave the country, or even the comfort of your own home.

Imagine earning the relatively easily attainable small sum of $100.00 per day part time … at the current exchange rate of approximately R9.00 to the US Dollar, you would be earning R900.00 per day, on average R27 000.00 per month, and R324 000.00 per year! If you could increase this amount to $300.00 per day, you would have generated nearly R1 000 000.00, living the internet lifestyle, within 12 months. Now that, to my mind, is a great reason to be Proudly South African! PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS CONVERSION ONLY APPLIES TO PERSONS OPERATING A DOLLAR-BASED BUSINESS OUT OF SOUTH AFRICA. YOUR LOCAL CURRENCY EXCHANGE RATE TO THE US$ WOULD BE APPLICABLE ELSEWHERE IN THE WORLD. But even then, earning a sizeable income from the web for minimal work per day, is not to be sneezed at, in ANY CURRENCY!

Dollar$ is committed to establishing you, the South African E-entrepreneur, in your own US-Dollar-based on-line business, from taking the first step, right through to you attaining Millionaire status, with all the training and support you require. Our aim is to create more South African Millionaires than the Lotto, in a much shorter time frame. Our success is based on making you successful. We will be updating you on new products, trends in on-line marketing, special products just for South Africans, and offering you specials and free products from time to time. Please join our site below, and we will get on with making you a millionaire.

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As an additional incentive to our South African members, we will introduce you to South African-specific products and offers. You introduce people you know to our concept, specific offers and products, and in addition to earning US Dollars from our international offers, you generate recurring income in South African Rand while reducing your expenditure on telephone calls, insurance and many other expenses.


With the more widespread use of ADSL in South Africa, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony has become a reality for SME’s and home users alike. Besides having the normal internet connectivity, you can now use your already existing broadband internet connection to make calls at a lower rate than Telkom’s rate nationally, internationally and to cellphones … and if you have other people you contact with their OWN Vox Phone, you talk for FREE!

In addition to this, how about having every call you answer from any phone but a Vox Phone, make you money … between 20c and 40c a minute, on average? And then lastly, if you join the dealership programme, you make a percentage of every contract bought through you, as well as a percentage of the cost of the calls? Making that call has never been cheaper, or more lucrative than now.

If you want more information on becoming a Vox Phone dealer, the Vox Phone itself and other Vox products, click here.

Becoming a dealer with Vox allows you the opportunity to get your share of the R2 Billion South African telecoms industry by distributing world-class products, and allowing you and your potential clients the freedom of choosing a second telecoms operator while saving siginificantly on your current Telkom bills.

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