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Students and Housewives

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Special offer for Students and Housewives …
Earn extra cash NOW!

The most difficult thing for a corporation is to know exactly what its customers want out of their products, so as to create products that their target market WILL BUY. Advertising a product means very little if your market will not buy it. This is where you come in. They are willing to pay you to find out what your opinion, preferences and dislikes are, and the internet is the perfect vehicle to reach diverse demographic groups, ask them the questions they need answers to, and pay you for the priviledge!

You want to earn a bit of extra cash in your spare time, without working outlandish hours as a waiter, or being forced to find a babysitter for a few hours every week, then this is the place for you. Get paid to fill in surveys, anywhere you have access to a computer and an internet connection! In addition, you earn in dollars!

I will show you how to earn up to US$75.00 in 10 minutes, with the best part being you can do it again and again, meaning your income will be limited only by how much time you want to spend doing the surveys.

Types of surveys include:

  • Watching trailer movies - Earn up to US$25.00 per movie review
  • Using products (which you get to keep), and getting paid for it
  • Joining on-line focus groups for and hour or two at a time - Earn up to US$150 per hour
  • Telephone Surveys - Earn up to US$75 per survey
  • Filling in on-line surveys - Earn between US$5 and US$75 per survey

The first question you are going to ask is, can I do this? I am not in America!
The answer is yes, because it is internet-based, and you can be anywhere in the world!

This is also NOT a scam … It is a real web-based income opportunity, allowing you to earn dollars on-line, in you own time! You start earning IMMEDIATELY, no waiting period or excessive learning curve to overcome.

I have personally selected and tested the products I recommend (OK, so my wife did … She does the surveys online!), according to quality of the product, value for money, and the commission rate earned. She makes her own money on-line, independently from me, by filling out the surveys, and because she earns dollars staying in South Africa given the current exchange rate, her actual earning is magnified 9-fold! Not bad for sitting at home!

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On-Line Surveys - Get paid to have an opinion!

The CEO’s of Coca Cola, Nike, MacDonalds … any brand you care to think of, needs YOUR help! They need you, the consumer, to give them your opinion about their products, suggest improvements or tell them that their product is not worth buying … AND they are prepared to pay you for that information! Any product will only sell if someone is prepared to buy it, and in order to gain the information about whether a product will sell, leading brands make use of surveys and focus groups made up of ordinary persons, like YOU! You can make money on-line by filling in questionaires, watching movie trailers, participating in group discussions, using the products (and keeping them) or telephonic surveys. The links below all have a large number of companies that depend on them to find suitable candidates to give an opinion about their products. By joining them, you will receive surveys on-line, and by completing them, you can earn some serious cash! We recommend:

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