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Learn to build a super list, and how to get the people on your list BUYING!

Posted by DaneGuillory88 | Articles | Thursday 5 November 2009 12:22 pm

Most of the list building tutorials and training manuals tell you that you need a list (which you know), that the money is in the list (which you understand), you need to maximise your profit from your list (simple business sense), and then … NOTHING (again money spent on NOT getting the right information).

By joining Profit Email Club you have access to 23 products that take you from having a limited understanding of what lists are, to the opt-in techniques used by master list builders to build your list quickly with INTERESTED people, right through to writing e-mails to people on your list that makes them WANT TO buy your products.

List building by its very nature is a step-by-step process, and can take months, even years. Included amongst the products are techniques to shave considerable time off your list building exercise, so that you can have a profitable mailing list in a reasonable period of time. The second thing that is problematic to most list-builders is KEEPING your clients on your list, and you will find the secrets to keep people coming back for more.

Once you have built a list in a certain niche, you normally would try other niche markets, starting the process all over again … learn how to use your existing list to build more than one income stream by cross matching your lists, maximising your profits!

As a bonus, two video courses have also been included. The first one deal with actually getting the list built by people opt-in on your landing web pages, and the second on responsive email marketing, details the process o actually writing the emails that will get the people on your list to take action … action that will result in YOUR income!

Visit the official site at Profit Email Club.

Discover how to explode your profits with Internet Marketing today, even if you have never marketed before!

Posted by DaneGuillory88 | Articles | Thursday 5 November 2009 12:19 pm

When you own a bricks-and-mortar business, and you have a storefront, you can be assured of trade, even if it is just from passers-by. On the internet, there are no defined roads that lead from point A to point B, and your on-line store might be missed completely by all who does not know exactly where to find it.

Using the 11 products included in Internet Marketing Citadel, even a complete newcomer to internet marketing can be assured of generating traffic to their sites, and with traffic, comes sales!

The range of products have been selected to cover all aspects of internet marketing, from establishing joint ventures with established e-marketers, to creating your own digital products, optimising your site for search engines, learning to write killer sales copy for your written marketing efforts, right through to using ebay to auction your products, and using a blog to increase traffic to your site.

Seasoned internet marketers know that to build a strong business, you need previous customers to be informed of all new offerings you have, and the only way to be able to reach potential customers, is to build a mailing list of people that have shown interest in your products before, whether they purchase or not. Therefore in this mix of marketing tools are two sections on building effective mailing lists that have members that are interested in purchasing your products.

In any business, there are tried methods that WORK, irrespective of the market, the client base, or the product, and to complete this set of tools, there are three products with which to round out your on-line marketing strategies, and to keep you in step with all the different options this set of tools is coupled with a video series on selling your services as a contractor, or how to use freelancers to complete your business offering.

Visit the official site at Internet Marketing Citadel

All the tools you need to succeed with any on-line marketing campaign, in any niche, with any technique.

Posted by DaneGuillory88 | Articles | Thursday 5 November 2009 12:16 pm

Instant Product Goldmine is aptly named. Contained in this membership site are 30 different products that will allow you to dominate any niche, with any offering, using any internet marketing strategy. It is the ultimate resource site for beginner or even accomplished affiliate marketers.

The range of products are so varied, that you are bound to find a number of offerings that will assist you to accomplish your internet marketing goals. From learning what a PodCast is, to creating your own PodCast, to reaping financial gain from your PodCasting efforts, right through to the better known affiliate marketing systems like ClickBank are explained.

Whether you are looking for a product to market on-line (and there are hundreds of thousands), or even deciding to develop your own, in this site you will find helpful information, tutorials, tips and tricks that will assist you in deciding upon a product or developing your own, a marketing strategy, and website optimisation secrets.

The current most popular social networking sites are explored as well and analysed for their marketing potential, and the relatively unknown “cheats” you can use to make sure that your product is seen by thousands, if not millions of internet users every day. MySpace, Squidoo, Hubpages … they are all there. Even private membership sites are explained, including how to build one, and make a profit from it.

This site is definitely your one-stop resource for anything around internet marketing. If you have any question that needs an answer around this exciting type of business opportunities, make sure that you become a member.

Visit the official site at Instant Product Goldmine.

You have the product, you have the sales copy, but where do you get interest-creating graphics? HERE!

Posted by DaneGuillory88 | Articles | Thursday 5 November 2009 12:13 pm

With an Instant Graphics Vault membership, everything you need to create an eye-catching sales page for your product is at your fingertips. You have spent time and money developing your product and perfected your sales copy, but none of this will attract visitors and generate sales on a dull and lifeless site.

The very nature of content on the internet which allows for eye-catching graphics, as well as text and video content, makes it an ideal place to sell your product or service. However, because your average web surfer has become accustomed to eye-popping design, anything less than scintillating will quickly be passed by … and with it, your chance of a sale. The average marketer on the internet does not have the necessary skill to create customised websites and sales-generating graphics, which even when there are graphics on a site means that one site looks like another like another … Also not good for generating a sustainable income from your site.

With 50 unique tools with which to create your perfect sales website, ranging from WordPress themes, mini-site themes, template headers, newsletter templates, to “buy now” buttons, animated 3D buttons and video squeeze pages, you have no excuse to NOT be making an income from your website. The list is comprehensive, and you should find a layout and response graphics to suit your every need.

Visit the official site at Instant Graphics Vault.

Learn how to write killer sales letters, and web copy that makes people WANT to buy your product!

Posted by DaneGuillory88 | Articles | Thursday 5 November 2009 12:10 pm

With a Copywriters League membership, you will soon be in a league of your own when it comes to writing sales copy that REALLY sells. Forget about paying hundreds, even thousands of Dollars to professional copywriters you contract to write sure-fire sales copy ever again. Learn what they do, and how they do it … and you can create your own super-selling copy on any subject and about any product yourself!

Sales by means of media other than salesmen has to engage your reader / viewer in such a way that they feel compelled to take the purchasing decision without anybody else’s intervention. Creating award-winning sales copy has up to now been the domain of expensive professional copywriters, and rightly so, because until now, the knowledge and techniques that create sure-fire sales letters has taken years of study, and many hours of practice to accomplish.

In a set of 15 different tools, this membership shows you the anatomy of a great sales letter, gives you a step-by-step “cheat sheet” of what MUST be in this sales letter, and shows you how to avoid all the pitfalls even seasoned professionals still make from time to time.

The training does not stop there … it crosses the boundaries of different media, be it print, web or email, and shows you how to excel in writing superior copy for any media platform, and make the sale!

And when all is said and done, a picture is worth a thousand words, so included is a video tutorial, showing you what must be said in which part of your copy to generate the highest conversion rate possible.

No longer do you have to wish you could have professionally-written sales letters, web content and emails … everything you need to know, is right here!

Visit the official site at Copywriter’s League.

Everything you ever wanted to know about blogging, and how to generate an income from it!

Posted by admin | Articles | Thursday 5 November 2009 12:07 pm

With a Bloggers Profit Circle membership, you’ll gain access to resources and training centre that will show you step by step how to create good blog content, drive in traffic, and much more.

Until recently, most people had not even heard of Blogging. Blogging is the process of keeping an on-line regularly updated journal or diary, and begun as a social interaction tool. It has come of age since then, and is now a powerful marketing method used by multinationals and one-man shows to create a steady income stream on-line.

Reading the above paragraph you have, if you are new to this arena, probably already thought that is must be difficult, and maybe even expensive. Nothing can be further from the truth. Blogging is an easily created and easily maintained on-line marketing tool, for any product or service on the web; quite frankly, as long as it has good content, it will generate traffic far quicker than any other type of site, and with traffic and a few ads, ANYONE can be generating an income from their blog.

All the tools (30 different products in all) you require to start, maintain and generate income from your blog are contained here. Even if you are technologically challenged, there are step-by-step tutorials, handholding exercises and step-by-step instructions on how to set up your blog, choosing and installing the “look” you want, and most importantly, how to create informative content that will have visitors flocking to your blog in droves. There are even 2 tools to help you generate traffic for free from Google, and optimising your blog for the search engines.

If you have something to say, make sure the world hears you, and make use of the opportunity to turn traffic into income. Turn your expert knowledge (and everyone is an expert on something) into cash!

Visit the official site at Blogger’s Profit Circle.

Building a profitable mailing list in the shortest time possible

Posted by DaneGuillory88 | Articles | Thursday 5 November 2009 10:58 am

Even if you are fairly new to internet and affiliate marketing, you will know that the secret to generating sales quickly, is having a list of potential buyers that have CHOSEN to join your list because they are interested in purchasing what you have to offer.

While the concept sounds fairly straight forward, the actual building of a list can take many months, if it happens at all, and to generate an income from that list can take even longer. Then how do the Internet Marketing Gurus launch new products time and time again, and just keep adding to their already considerable fortunes? THEY KNOW THE SECRETS TO INSTANT LIST-BUILDING!

In List Quad, you will learn these secrets, and be able to apply them with a next-to-nothing budget, no joint-venture partners, no product, no ethical bribe techniques and best of all, with NO experience!

Start earning the on-line revenue you have been dreaming about by learning the ultimate list-generation techniques!

Visit the official site at List Quad.

Professionally designed E-Book covers YOU can create

Posted by DaneGuillory88 | Articles | Thursday 5 November 2009 10:43 am

The saying goes: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. While this holds true on the metaphysical level, the real truth is, we DO judge the quality and value of a book by its cover! Next time you are in a book store, just take note of your own actions … The book with the most appealing cover is the one you consider first, just because you liked the cover!

When marketing digital books, you cannot pick up the book and measure its quality by the type of paper, the quality of its binding, or any other visual queues EXCEPT by its cover. Having a professionally designed E-Cover is the only way you can make your product visually appealing and attractive. Herein lies you next obstacle … most of us are not graphic designers, and coughing up a fair amount each time to have a cover created is beyond the reach of many budgets. Purchasing E-Cover generating software gives you a generic look, often of lesser quality, which certainly will not make YOUR product stand out from the rest.

Enter My Instant Covers.

Containing 20 Adobe Photoshop Action Scripts, it takes the hassle out of designing E-Book covers, Box Covers, Report Covers, CD / Cassette tape covers, membership card covers, even t-shirts and TV / Laptop displays! Being Photoshop Action Scripts, it is compatible with Apple Mac and PC platforms, and can create 2D or 3D designs. And just to make sure that you get the results you want in the least time, included is a step-by-step tutorial on using this product to create virtually any packaging or E-Book layout you may require.

Product requires Adobe PhotoShop 7 or higher.

Visit the official site at My Instant Covers.

Top quality copy YOU can write

Posted by DaneGuillory88 | Articles | Thursday 5 November 2009 10:39 am

Have you ever read a really stunning sales page that virtually compelled you to grab your credit card and buy the product you have just read about and wondered what the secret formula is? Do you wish you had access to award-winning copywriters for everything you needed to tell people about or sell anywhere? Even worse, have you tried your hand at writing sales copy, but only succeeded in spending money, not making any? Help is at hand!

Mastery of Words is a complete copywriting training program that will let you turn your written communication into profit, no matter what the subject matter is. It teaches the psychology of effective copy, and a how to effectively apply all the money-making formulas that make up effective sales letters… no matter what you are selling.

By now you are thinking that this course must take a couple of weeks to master, but you would be WRONG! It comes in audio format, broken down into seven lessons, and will take you only two hours, beginning to end. That means you could be writing sales copy that REALLY sells by tonight!

But enough of the sales talk and hype. Ask any marketer (on-line or traditional) and they will all tell you that even if you have a great product, but you cannot convey the advantages and features of the product to a potential buyer, you are in the same position as if you did not have a product - because you will not have any sales. Even if you have a mediocre product, but you know the right way of telling potential buyers about your product, you will generate sales. This is what “Mastery of Words” is all about. The right catch phrase, attention-getting headlines, using the correct words to keep your potential client’s attention, when and how to ask for the sale … You will learn all of this and more. Included in the package is a transcript of the Audio sessions, the seven audio sessions, examples to learn from, and bonus products to boost on-line sales copy.

If you are serious about selling your product, visit Mastery of Words to read all about it. You are one sales page away from REALLY increasing your profits!

I LOVE my job!

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Tuesday 16 June 2009 1:39 pm

Work used to be a four letter word. It still is according to the dictionary, but in my case it has become something I enjoy rather than dread.

Here is a picture of where I was working a couple of days ago. Recognise it? It is Zevenwacht Wine Estate. So, my day at the office was beautiful scenery, good food and excellent wine sitting with my laptop and a cellular internet connection doing what I do best - running my on-line businesses.

You too can be doing the same. Look around in this site, and you will find valuable information about how to start your own on-line business.

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