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Howard van der Westhuizen

Howard van der Westhuizen has been involved with internet and affiliate marketing for the last two years. He is a successful businessman using traditional means with 30 years experience. His current focus business has won many accolades both nationally and internationally, with many of the company’s products being showcased on international television livestyle magazine progammes.

Howard got involved with internet marketing as a natural extention of the marketing process of his companies, and the desire to explore new markets. He discovered the power of on-line affiliate marketing, both as a means to promote his traditional businesses, but specifically as a means to earn international currency via the internet, with minimal effort!

He invites you to join the internet lifestyle, as he is dedicated to getting persons like you to take the first step, training you, and supporting you throughout the process. By joining the site, you will receive information that will allow you to fast-track your entry into this arena, without having to learn by trail and error, which can often be expensive, time consuming and frustrating. Howard has gathered this information over more than two years of study, joining different programmes and establishing what works and what does not.

Free Offer!!

When you register with us, you will receive an E-Book via return e-mail which explains the entire concept and principles of Affilliate Marketing.

This is a comprehensive introduction that would normally cost you $29.00, but we offer this book to you for free as an incentive to get you started on the road to internet riches. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

The first steps to Affiliate Marketing

For you to generate an income on the internet, the traditional method has been to build your own website, highlighting products you have developed, advertise on other websites and traditional media, make sure that you have a high rating on the search engines for anyone searching for your type of product, and wait for a sale.

Then you have to deal with inventory, staff, customer queries and complaints, returns …  All the things that a traditional business has to do.

With the power of affiliate marketing, this traditional scenario changes. Imagine selling products you don’t have to develop, support or even having to deal with the purchaser when there is a problem! You need NO inventory or staff, and NO website of your own … The affiliate product owners take care of all of this. You send traffic to the affiliate website using your special link given to you by the affiliate owner, and all you have to do is concentrate on marketing the product you selected, and for every sale you make, you earn between 25 and 75% commission!

Sounds simple, right? Because it is!

  • You join an affiliate programme
  • You advertise your special link
  • You collect the commission

That is all there is to it.

Affilitate programmes exist for virtually anything you can think of, they are free to join, obligation-free and give you many products you can sell on-line in one simple site.

Important Information

The information presented on this site is for your personal use only, and you have NO rights to it. You may not give this away, or include it as a bonus to any product or membership site.

You may also NOT reveal any of the information here to anyone in any manner whatsoever, or dissemminate it electronically, in print, or in any manner whatsoever.

We thank you for your cooperation.

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